The Vietnamese Empowerment Summit is the biggest event of the year that aims to to build relationships and cultivate young leaders. Be there to learn, rise above your comfort zone, and grow beyond your limits. By attending the summit, you will have the opportunity to gain and develop the following skills:


Communication is the key to all thriving relationships, correct? Whether if it’s in the workforce or your own personal relationships, the social skills you will learn at VES will not disappoint!

Problem Solving

Good problem solving skills empower your personal life and are critical in your professional life. Put your problem solving skills to the test during workshops and games!


Have your LinkedIn and social media ready! You’ll meet all sorts of people studying different fields and pursuing various careers. Not only could you potentially make a connection to a job, but you might also make some lasting friendships!


Be loud and proud! VES is all about breaking barriers. Remember you are not going through this three day journey alone! Embrace who you are and explore to become the best version of yourself.


Life requires you to adapt. You will be challenged with situations where you will have to think on the spot. We want you to get in the habit of stepping outside your comfort zone and learn how to empathize with others.


You and your family will compete with other families during the conference. You will earn points during the session of games and given other challenges over the course of the weekend. Don’t forget to have fun!